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12 Nov


MAELE helps to promote Malaysian language educators’ expertise by giving them a ‘space’ to advertise their CVs, papers, activities, ideas, research findings, and their language-based products.

The Monarch Butterfly in North America is a website that is concerned with providing news, information, activities, and resources about the biology and conservation of this fascinating insect.

In, there are a big number of interactive lessons, games and exercises that are, in my opinion, teachers as well as learners will find it useful. The subjects vary from science to history and including geography, language arts and maths. The author of this site said that it “was developed with the idea that crucial concepts, them. Although this site is designed for students from Grade 1 and up, but you can also enjoy the exercises.

In this site, there are almost  12 butterfly topics with over 125 pages packed full of butterfly information. Furthermore, there are a number of  fun butterfly activities and coloring pages.

This website is concerned with reading comprehension and providing valuable info. to teachers on how to enhance the learner’s ability to achieve better comprehension such as the factors that influence reading comprehension and the strategies of reading comprehension.


Exercise 5

5 Nov

here to view exercise 5



Exercise 4

5 Nov

here to view exercise 4

Exercise 3

3 Nov

here to view Exercise 3.1

here to view Exercise 3.2

here to view Exercise 3.3






here to view Exercise 3.4

here to view Exercise 3.5

Exercise 6

3 Nov

here to view Exercise 5

Exercise 2

3 Nov

here to view Exercise 2.

Exercise 1

3 Nov

here for Exercise1.